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Why Should You Use Adobe Illustrator in Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle WrapAdobe Illustrator (AI) is a Creative Cloud software, which is primarily designed for type-setting and logo areas. But, it is now seen as a powerful tool for graphic designers. While you can also use Photoshop or InDesign, Illustrator is more appropriate for vehicle wrap design. Its most distinct characteristic is its vector drawing tool, allowing you to resize the file without losing its quality. This is absolutely essential when it comes to car wrap design.

Here are other reasons why you should consider Adobe Illustrator over other software in designing vehicle graphics:

  • It uses vectors. As mentioned, vector files allow you to increase or decrease the finished design without altering the integrity of the graphics. Illustrator uses a mathematical solution in plotting paths and strokes on X and Y axes, allowing you to control the shapes during the design process. Your car wrap design is then saved to a vector format like Adobe AI or EPS, which are fully-editable in the software they were created.
  • It is equipped with drawing capabilities. Adobe Illustrator is the supreme device for crafting more organic and free flowing forms beyond basic presets because of its advanced features. The program has a unique ability to draw high-level shapes and save them as vector files, allowing you to resize them without losing quality.
  • View your artwork at full size. Some other applications are not suitable car wrap design because they do not provide you with the ability to view your design at full size. If your design contains photographic images primarily, your artwork should be created in Illustrator and other vector-based design software only.
  • Designs are delivered in EPS format. When it comes to delivering the final vehicle graphics design, always assume that your clients do not know how to edit or convert the file. Instead of sending your artwork on one single file and let your printer take it from there, send the file in EPS format. EPS is editable in Illustrator and can be resized without affecting quality. This is also the file type most requested by professionals.

Using Adobe Illustrator gives your client the most flexibility going further. Although they can’t edit your file in Photoshop, it will serve them well in perpetuity. You can create designs than be small enough to be an icon or large enough to be a billboard.

For cool car wraps design, Adobe Illustrator is an excellent software application. It can be a bit complicated because of many various features, but it can’t be beaten for vector work. Once you get the hang of it, everything will start to make sense. Then, you will see that AI is the best tool for vehicle wrap design. It is truly created for you to utilize to its fullest capacity.

If you are not sure whether Adobe Illustrator is the software for you, Adobe offers a free 30 day trial. So, dip in your toes and complete a couple tutorials to start working on your designs. You will be thankful that you are using vector images and AI when you start to work on more complicated designs.